Image Consulting

Being a small business owner means numerous meetings, networking events, pitches and presentations in front of potential investors and stakeholders. For all this, making sure you look your best is just as essential as a good elevator pitch. At Becca Consulting, we offer a holistic approach from helping you perfect your pitch right up to making sure you look the part when you deliver it.

Do you want a new take on your look? Looking for a wardrobe refresh? Not sure if your makeup routine is still relevant or just want advice on the latest trends and products? We can answer all your style questions and give you advice on what, when and how to wear all your items.For any small business, and in a digital age, a website is the face of your business. A well-curated website is the first step to positive awareness for your brand and qualified lead generation. Let us ensure you make a strong first impression with our following services.

  • Style Update
  • Image Consulting Services (Personal & Corporate)
  • Wardrobe evaluation
  • Makeup and Grooming clinic..

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